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Full text of "Annual Evaluation Report Fiscal Year 1984"

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8.   Progress and Accomplishments - (Continued)

Foreign Curriculum Consultants: Twenty-five applications, representing 13
states, for the foreign Curriculum Consultants program were received.
All applications were reviewed by a panel of external academic experts, by
ED staff, and by the Board of Foreign Scholarships, which resulted in
nine awards.

Group Projects Abroad: Ninety-five applications were received from 30
states, the Districtof Columbia and Puerto R1co for Group Projects Abroad.
All applications were reviewed by a panel of experts, ED staff and by the
Board of Foreign Scholarships, which resulted in awards.

Doctoral Dissertation Research Abroad: After a national competition that
involved domestic peer review andoverseas host country approval, 108
awards were made for individual research fellowships.

C.    Costs, Benef11s, and Effecti veness

Program Scope: The following awards were made in FY 1984:

o Faculty Research Abroad: 38 fellowships at 26 institutions for a total
amount of $778,251.

o   Foreign Curriculum Consultants;    nine projects for a total  of $205,000.

o Group Projects Abroad: 34 projects for a total of $2,278,114; 23 pro-
jects used U.S. dollars in the amount of $1,604,569 and 11 projects
were supported under the U.S.-owned foreign currency category for a
total of $673,545.

o Doctoral Dissertation Research Abroad: 108 fellowships to 26 insti-
tutions for a total of $1,599,749.

o Special Bi-lateral Projects: eight projects for a total of $660,000 in
Italy, Israel, South Korea, China, Brazil, Liberia, India, and Pakistan.

Program Effectiveness:    No studies are planned or completed.

D.    Plans for Program Improvement and Recommendations for Legislation

o The Administrations did not request funds for these activities for
fiscal year 1985, which reflected the Administration's effort to curtail
Federal discretionary expenditures and to encourage individuals, insti-
tutions, businesses, and other organizations to provide a greater
share of support for international education and foreign language
studies.ing a national competition including